New Stuff 1

Peace Clock
Now recognised around the world as a symbol for peace, the black & white motif was designed 60 years ago as the badge of the British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, CND. It can be read as a highly stylised version of Leonardo’s Vitruvian man in stick form, spelling out the letters N & D in semaphore, circumscribed by a circle.(Boy Scouts will know that D is formed by holding flags straight up and down the body, while N is formed by holding the flags out at either side at an angle of 45 degrees).

It’s  a powerful symbol...And I have no shame in borrowing it.

Colour Field Clocks

The following four wall clocks are examples of a series inspired by the Hard Edge Colour Field abstract paintings of the American artist, Ellsworth Kelly. I love his in-your-face colours and have enjoyed exploring different combinations.

The top two here are striking clocks, where the hammer falls to hit the bell every hour...

While the bottom two wall clocks keep themselves to themselves:

They can also be adapted to become desk clocks by clipping them into a removable stand, shown below: