New Stuff 1

Nothing Comes From Nowhere
Exciting, and really needs a video clip to do it justice (I'm working on it). The elements rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise in a chaotic, seemingly random fashion - sometimes calmly, sometimes spinning wildly but interspersed with passages of calm. Altogether mesmerising.

Wall hung, and switched by a remote sensing device. Exploits the power of modern rare-earth (neodymium) magnets to attract and repel, powered by 230v synchronous motor working through a gearbox.

Timely Survivor

Constant vigilance is the message here. Battered but unbowed, the movement lives on to tell the time in a threatened world.



Enigma Clock  
An iconic image shares her secret - with the initiated...
                                                   280mm high.



Box approx 300 x 400mm high (12"x16")

200mm dia

Three o'clock
At 12 o'clock