Gallery 9

The elements rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise in a chaotic, seemingly random fashion - sometimes calmly, sometimes spinning wildly but interspersed with passages of calm. Altogether mesmerising.b

Wall hung (and switched by a remote sensing device so it only turns when there is a person present), Icarus exploits the power of modern rare-earth (neodymium) magnets to attract and repel. Powered by 230v synchronous motor working through a gearbox. 

See it move on this (very poor) YouTube link:

Nothing comes from Nowhere

NCFN began life as the prototype for Icarus & Seeker  and has been tweaked many times since then. 

See it perform in its current state here:


Exploits the same principles and same materials - with a third, circular, element to again achieve a chaotic, random movement.

See it move on another very poor (sorry) YouTube clip:

  Box approx 300mm x 400mm (12” x 16”)