Sam Wade Kinetics
Moving Sculpture
I like to think my kinetic sculptures tread a fine line between art and engineering, exploring the long tradition of form-through-motion by combining movement and machinery with, I hope, a degree of precision, humour and truth to materials.
I work in a variety of metals, perspex and wood to construct a sculpture rather than carve or cast it.
Kinetic: 'an assemblage or sculpture, made up of parts designed to be set in motion by an internal mechanism or an external force.' 
I am a professional member (and past Vice-President) of Visual Arts Scotland and a retired professional member of the Society of Scottish Artists. I worked as a civil engineer in England before developing my interest in sculpture when my career brought me to Scotland 40 years ago. I now live in Pittenweem, in the East Neuk of Fife, and exhibit widely throughout the UK.
What is on this site
Not everything I have ever made, obviously. But the Gallery pages ( please click through them ) give a pretty good idea of the sort of things I have made in the past. New Stuff covers what I am working on at present.
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Gallery 1:    Striking Clock
Gallery 2:    Paths to Enlightenment
Gallery 3:    Cascade I & II
Gallery 4:    Animal & Surreal Clocks
Gallery 5:    Suprematist Clocks 
Gallery 6:    Flight & Thermopylae
Gallery 7:    Point of Resolution (Land Art)
Gallery 8:    Constructivist, Heartbeat & Bauhaus Clocks
Gallery 9:    Blank

New Stuff:   Peace Clock, Hard Edge Colour Field Clocks, etc.